Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Importance of Being Earnest

This is the story of a girl who learned that online reviews can be all too accurate.

~Designer Loft~

Ummm. . .yikes! That's my impression of this experience. It wasn't a total disaster though. Our consultant was such a doll. I really liked her. I felt awful that she had to try to sell me a dress in that environment. The front area is the waiting room, display area and reception desk. The dresses were hung up by style (mermaid, A-line, etc) along the back of the space. To be quite honest I nixed trying on a few dresses just because they were dirty. I got skeeved out just looking at them so I wasn't about to let them touch me. Blech!

I tried on about 5 dresses.  There was a very nice Paloma Blanca and a cutie patootie Rosa Clara. I also tried on the same Matthew Christopher dress that I tried on at Gabriella. My consultant picked it because I wanted something with a little sparkle. Before I went I saw quite a few negative reviews. Unfortunately, I saw firsthand how terrible their customer service was.  You really shouldn’t argue with customers at the front desk, especially when you have potential customers in the same room. Check the reviews and you’ll see. My advice? Skip!

This Paloma Blanca (4116) was such a fun dress!

This is the Two By Rosa Clara (121 Odesa). Whimsy? Check!

The Matthew Christopher (Marchesa). Look how it sparkles!


Mumsie: 4 stars (Mostly for the consultant. Mumsie agreed that we would never buy here.)

Sister: 3 stars

Little Sister: 2 stars

~Priscilla of Boston~

We saved this one for last because we enjoyed the experience so much a year prior. My entourage was really looking forward to this one. After visiting the other “high end” salons I was a little wary. At least my consultant was excited. She actually helped us during the sample sale a year ago and remembered us. It was an okay experience for me. I love, love, love the dressing rooms though. Super spacious and private. Visit and ask for Ayana. Bring pictures of the dresses you'd like to try on. Do your homework and know the price points. Recommended for regular appointments. Highly recommended for sample sales.


Mumsie: Too distracted to vote. The two Melissa Sweet dresses she loved were Ever (1st dress in post) & Olan (right above)

Sister: 5 stars

Little Sister: 5 stars

They were BIG fans of Ever.

Next up: Lessons Learned


  1. I hate stores with bad customer service! Those first two dresses are so fun!@

  2. I had a great experience at our local PoB. Love the whimsical Rosa Clara gown!


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