Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Now That's Service

 This is the story of a girl who discovered the meaning of great customer service.

~Gabriella of New York~

This is where you WANT to buy a dress. Gabriella, the owner, is so gracious and sweet. The salon space is open and bathed in natural light. The dresses are displayed along the walls and she allows you to peruse the selection and make your own picks. Mumsie, Sister and Little Sister each picked a dress and then I picked a few. Gabriella also made some picks. The dresses are stunning. I tried on dresses by Matthew Christopher and Ulla-Maija. There was no pressure and she even advised us to wait for the trunk shows so we could save 10% on two of the dresses we liked. I highly recommend this salon. She sent me a handwritten note afterward. Like I said, you WANT to buy a dress here. Highly Recommended.

Mumsie: 4.5 stars

Sister: 4 stars

Little Sister: 4 stars

~Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier~

Love your tweets dah-ling but the salon experience left me less than enthused at best. There was a trunk show when we went and maybe it was just me but I felt like the consultant was pushing dresses by that designer. At least four of her picks were from that particular designer. This appointment was later in the week so I was better at articulating what I wanted and even better at articulating what I didn’t like. She pulled more from the “I don’t like” column than the “I like” column. She also pulled things at the very top of my stated budget. Eh.

Guess who said they didn't like bows??


Mumsie: abstained

Sister: missed this one

Little Sister: 3 stars

Next up: Reviews of Designer Loft and Priscilla of Boston

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