Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This is the story of a girl who found out some dresses look better in pictures than in person. I tried on the above dress and although I liked how it looked I couldn't get past the feel. Those ruffles were disturbingly stiff.

~RK Bridal~

On its own merits and not comparing it to other salons I would recommend visiting RK. It can be a tad bit overwhelming but if you do your research beforehand you’ll be fine. It helps if you have some idea of what you like. It’s also helpful to know which designers you’re interested in or a style you prefer because that’s how the store is laid out. You’ll get the opportunity to pull your own dresses and a consultant will pull some for you as well. Gilda was our consultant and we love her! Ask for Gilda! She knows what she’s doing. If possible go early on a weekday. They don’t do appointments. We went around 12ish on a Wednesday and it was already pretty busy. Be prepared to wait a bit. Use that time to pull dresses and wander about the store. They also have an expansive selection of bridesmaid dresses. Bringing company helps. It’s either divide and conquer or conversation while you wait. Recommended.



Mumsie: 2 stars

Sister: 3 stars

Little Sister: 3 stars

Next up: Reviews of Gabriella of New York & Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier 


  1. I like reading about your dress hunt!

  2. Well my vote goes to: Reem Accra! Clean lines, classic and elegant....

    I also love the silhouette of the of the dresses w/the bustles. Look for more dresses with this kind of shape...accentuate the booty and hips. It's a good look on you K.

    I'm watching......This decision will not be made without ME!



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